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Acting and Social Justice…and what the hell, it’s a celebration day!

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Happy Marriage Equality in all 50 states!

I might think acting is all about loving the world and putting that into everything you do.

I might think acting is about commitment to the moment and to the truth of your own humanity.

But right now, what I think is that I am, for the first time in my life, recognized as equal in all 50 states.  And that is more important than anything else.  In this moment.  And retroactively to every past moment, and shooting forward into what else I can do with my one and only life.

Here is my blog on the subject:

And here is the love of my life.




Author: meisnermovementpresence

Acting makes me happy. Sure, I investigate everything else, but yoga, meditation, mindfulness, authentic all just ends up making me a better actor. And a better teacher. We all have a path. This is mine.

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